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This is what Honda should make as an Accord?

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Just a thought of what Honda should make for an Accord. I think Honda should step into the hp game with a kinda sleeper Accord. Let’s put the 2.5L twin turbo v6 Indy engine in an Accord and make it AWD. Let’s show what Honda is About. I’m sure there will be a lot of Honda enthusiast that would love and buy this version of an Accord. As much $ as we put into our Honda’s this would be something you wouldn’t need to spend $ on to make it fast. ? The 2.5 Indy engine makes 700hp. Just a thought
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I have a 2017 Camaro SS and the 455 hp is pretty useless on public roads. At any more than half throttle the car makes a roar that brings unwanted attention and it is so quick that you are breaking the speed limit in no time. Don't get me wrong it is a wonderful sound and I love the car but will get you in trouble if you don't restrain yourself. So you guys with the 2.0 can enjoy full throttle and not worry to much about unwanted attention. Now AWD would be great in the Accord.
While not comparable to a Camaro SS, you must not have driven a properly tuned 2.0. They will most definitely garner attention at full throttle. However, one could argue any car could, so.....
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