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I actually have the D2 Racing Springs installed on my 2.0T Sport and I like them so much that I soon will be installing them on my 1.5T Sport SE.

I highly recommend them. My Accord has been on these springs for about 4 and a half months and 6,000 miles. So far no vibrations, and no issues. It's my favorite mod I have done so far, gave the car the stance I was looking for. The handling is night and day, killed the body roll that can be felt on the stock suspension and the steering is much more direct. So if you're looking for all of that I recommend these springs.

What to keep in mind: yes the ride will be stiffer and you will feel a bit more of the road. You will need an alignment after dropping it because these will add a lot of negative camber in the rear which will cause uneven tire wear. The camber could be so extreme that you may NEED a rear camber kit.
Did you change your shocks out with the springs or stock shocks? And how much was it to get installed?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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