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Have been playing with a throttle controller for the past couple months. With electronics like this I like taking time to make sure there are no quirks. Talking to @Samuelx about his Sprint Booster experience, he sent me a video that showed how the new versions still let the car maintain a 1:1 relationship to the throttle and throttle body (explain more on this shortly). This got me curious and I found this generic one one Amazon for about $70 to try.

I haven't used the econ mode or anything just the normal ones. I got all the way up to sport 3 before going back down and settling on comfort 9. The pedal was a little too aggressive for me in sport. I barely tapped the pedal in traffic and the power request need shot up. I drive it in ECON now and it's still more responsive than stock. This give me two sport modes so to speak. Normal mode is very responsive, almost telepathic to my requests. SPORT mode is awesome.

So does it work? Yes it works well definitely removes a lot of the engine lag from a roll. Car responds quicker that's for sure.
But will it make my car faster? Well not really. It MAY give you a couple tenths to few here and there in some passing situations, but that's about it. There's a noticable reduction in response time from a roll when you get aggressive with the pedal for passing so it's possible. Absolutely will not drop your 0-60 ect times. Even manufacturers tell you this. Pedal to the floor equals fully open throttle body immediately. Also as mentioned it eliminates some of the electronic engine lag but that's not where it all comes from. Even with upgraded mounts, you have some engine movement, slowing things down. Unless it's a manual, you also have a TCU, or transmission computer. There is lag between that and the ECU commands, pre-programmed shift speeds and delays for longetivity, ect all built into the TCU programming. Bottom line is very little lag is actually produced from the electronic throttle body.
Now what about this race mode on the controllers you ask? The original controllers worked by changing the relationship of the throttle pedal to throttle body. So for example instead of a 1:1 ratio as mentioned before, it changes the request from 1:3 or for every 10% requested you are now actually getting 30%. It's very clear once you switch into race mode what's going on.
Overall it def makes the car more enjoyable to drive, and the extra functions like valet and stuff can be cool.
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