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Tire Reviews

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Hi All,
I need to buy tires soon and I've been reading a lot of tire reviews but most of them are written within the first couple thousand miles and I'm looking for feedback on tires with 10-20k miles. I'm still on the factory Goodyears which I've hated now for the last 5,000 miles (currently have 52k on the car). They are noisy and I'm pretty sure I have a broken belt in one of them. My car is a 2019 1.5 sport. I've been leaning away from my go to tire brand, Bridgestone because most of the reviews complain about tire noise. I've never owned Continental tires but I've heard a few good things about the Extreme Contact model. I commute ~ 60 miles a day and just want good traction, handling and no tire noise. Any feedback on your tire experiences good or bad would be greatly appreciated!
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I like the Toyo Extensa HPs I have on my car
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Discount Tire | Tires and Wheels for Sale | Online & In-Person This is a link to see them. Good tires, decent tire life at 45k. These tires are miles above the stock michelins that come on our cars
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