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Hello All.

Been buying Honda's mostly as my Commuting cars as I travel from home to work 100 miles roundtrip every 3-4 days roughly.
but this latest generation made me make it my primary car.

Very happy with my purchase, I picked the 2.0T EX-L 10AT for an Incredible $27.5K

The Ex-L for me had every option I wanted except the Touring Wheels :(
but I was extremely lucky to find a pair online for $500.00 w' Free Shipping.

The Wheels arrived today and the Continental pro-contact (Which were standard eqp.on 16 Accords and are now the type-R OEM Tire) tires are enroute, w' FedEx for today as well.

had a little free time today and decided to Re-arrange the "2.0T" from the Bottom right to the top of the trunk?????? (Should have been there from the beginning.....!)
Painted the "T" Red

Oh, in case you're wondering what is up with the claw brake lights, I am trying to get in touch with my contacts from my old 335i E92 Days, Sending them pics of the trunk ideas that I have :) The car has grown to me even the "Storm Trooper" Front Unibrow??? lol
BUT, the Lobster Claws, not quiet Sure I can stomach just Yet.....!

A lot more bits and pieces along w' Ktuner next week.
Stay Tuned.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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