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What's up guys! So I've owned over 30 cars, 20 have prob been Hondas.....And I'm only 30yrs old lol. I've been working on cars, welding, and doing metal fabrication for 15yrs. Even built race cars and built the engine for the world's fastest SFWD Honda in the world in 2014 (VPM/CRUZ MOTORSPORTS)!

So I just traded my 2018 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback in for a 2020 Accord Sport. Here's a link to my old Civic build:

I honestly didn't even entertain the accord once I saw the Civic HB. But after 2yrs with the Civic I decided I needed to get something bigger for the kids and an automatic so the wife can drive it. I commute 1.5hr one way every day (3hrs total) so I really needed something more "comfortable" to drive. I'm so happy with this Accord and hope this forum is as good as the Civicx forum was!

So I already had the dealership tint the windows to 35% because they messed some paperwork up when I was buying the car so I had them throw that in for free lol. I have a few parts otw already. Here are my build plans:

-OEM Mudflaps (Otw)
-Chrome delete window trim (Otw)
-Black Grille (Otw)
-Eibach Lowering Springs
-Wheel Spacers


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Welcome to the the forum glad to have you join us and congrats on getting your Accord.

Regarding adding picture(s) look below the box where you are typing your post and you will see several icons for adding attachments/inserting pictures.
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