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FINALLY ~ were going to get Gas ?

Well it looks like the days of the big awkward side mirror could be numbered, as the Japanese Road and Transport Bureau has now approved mirror-less production cars.
Cameras in lieu of mirrors have long featured on many concept cars, and some low-volume production cars such as the ultra-efficient Volkswagen XL-1 (0.189Cd). In their quest to dip below the 0.2Cd mark though, the deletion of the pesky mirror may help several carmakers dip below that magic barrier, without resorting to jellybean forms.

Stream Lined Mirrors - Findley ? Yeah Auto - makers are just Screaming into the Future for Mpg with Lightweight Brakes that last 90K Miles - Haa ~

Been around for 14 Years @ Least !

Screaming into the Future with Super Aero - Cars with out Mirrors to Obtain Max - MPG - Oh lets Not forget Lightweight Wheels - which could be had

For last 18 Years , Haa ~ @ Least !



1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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