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I have recently installed the innovate motorworks flex fuel kit and gauge into my 2019 accord sport 2.0t. I have a ktuner v2 and i have a stage 2 tune with flex fuel enabled. I was wondering if anybody else has gone beyond this and further pushed boost pressures beyond what stage 2 ktuner has on ethanol, and if so, where could i start to do this to my vehicle, i am not experienced with custom tuning on ethanol because this is my first vehicle that has allowed me to do so. Any help would be appreciated, possible values used by others, or good resources to teach myself how to increase boost pressures or further tune my vehicle in any other way, i do not have the money to pay for an ethanol etune which goes for around $700. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank You!
I know this wont be the most helpful answer to your question, but messing around with values you're unsure of or taking tuning advice from someone you don't know doesn't seem like the best idea. It could end up costing you a **** of a lot more if you damage something internally due to inadequate tuning. Personally I'd hold off and get a real etune just for peace of mine and reliability.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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