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Thanks for the video. I had seen it on YouTube right before I bought my bulbs. So, this definitely helped. You have [email protected] the size of Buick’s for putting that car in gear with just the parking brake on. Especially since reverse is always the strongest gear because of how it’s geared.

The bulbs are great. If I had to comment about them, at all, I would say order them from Lasfit’s Amazon store. I ordered from them, directly. I saved about $10, but figured it wouldn’t take long since I was in California. Boy was I wrong. Mailed out USPS first class mail. After 7 days it sat at the Sacramento hub for another 5 days.

I had to contact lasfit for assistance. I was about ready to reorder and just return the original order when I received it. I added the bulbs to my Amazon cart, and got busy and didn’t order them. Well, about an hour later, I got a notification that they were out for delivery. So, save yourself time and order them Amazon Prime. Or if Dan Villa had an affiliate link, order them from him.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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