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Upgrading Brake Pads & Brake Lines

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Hey everyone! I've got my 2018 Sport 2.0T which I love! Currently, I've got about 41,414 miles on it. In the future, when it's time for brake pads I am going to be upgraded to ceramic pads of course. Does anyone here know the best quality pads to put on the car? I'm also going to upgrade my brake lines to stainless steel for a better pedal feel and more responsive brake feedback. I don't think I'll need new rotors; I try very hard not to do heavy aggressive braking now. Right now, the OEM pads create a good amount of brake dust on my wheels. Ceramic pads will significantly cut down on the brake dust correct? That's my understand with them as well. Thanks for any feedback.. I greatly appreciate it! :cool:
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I've upgraded brake lines before because of pulsing ect, but I feel none of that on this car. If your tracking I would say yeah but in this case save the money. They will offer little in terms of better feel compared to upgrading the calipers. The much more aggressive pad your going to use is going to increase responsiveness a ton.
Would also look at a performance rotors as well if that's your main objective and bed the new pads to new rotors. Lighter wheels also help a lot.
Yeah, I agree with you. When I had my older 2014 Si coupe, I had upgraded the entire braking system. The only problem is that if my rotors don't need to be replaced, which I don't think they will, then rotors are the most expensive part to upgrade. Can you recommend to me the most aggressive type of ceramic pads though? Yeah, I'm definitely going to be upgrading the brake lines for sure. It will improve responsiveness to some extent. lol. I absolutely love the size of our stock wheels. I have no problems with them, and when it comes for newer tires, the same idea I'll use. Either very good all season tires, or just sport tires and I'm definitely going wider. I can't wait for that one either. haha.
I would have to look at pad choices, hawk makes good stuff. Rotors are not that expensive really, a couple hundred for the set with pass android included,and you def want to replace them before going with a ceramic pad. What will happen is when you do have to replace the rotors with pads that aggressive you will get a shimmy or vibration because the pads are already bedded to the old rotors. A whole set of upgraded pads and rotors for this car are about $2-300. Plus why pay labor twice to replace the rotors when they will wear faster with the more aggressive pad.
Yeah I hear you. Well like I said I wasn't planning on a place in the rotors unless I have to be replaced. Hawk does make some really good pads Thanks for the advice and the suggestion. I'll have to look into them more so. Yeah, when I'm in The market for new brake pads, I'm excited for more aggressive set up, that's for sure! Thanks Again for your help so far...
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Hahaha yeah, I've seen that as well. Depends on which brake kit you do purchase. Maybe I'm missing something here, but qta Hawk's website, It doesn't look like they sell Accord Sport pads. How are EBC the red stuff pads? Thanks again!
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