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I have a 2018 2.0 Touring, and these Michelin Primacy MXM4's are just atrocious on Long Island roads. I've literally had 3 blowouts since Covid started because nobody fixes the potholes (even when nobody was on the roads).

I was looking into upping the 235/40 tires to 235/45/19 to get an extra half inch of sidewall, hoping it makes a difference.

Anyone have experience doing that? If so, any issues with rubbing in the wheel wells? I want to make sure it won't start rubbing, since I had this issue going up from 16" to 17" rims on my old R18 civic years ago, and the tires rubbed to the point where they burned the plastic clips right out that hold the fender wells onto the body. Don't want to run into another scenario like that if I can avoid it.

I'm well aware it'll throw the mileage and speed off a little, but at this point, I'm more worried about blowing another tire out on the road, and less about going faster than the speedometer actually says.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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