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USB change role

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how to change USB role from host to device ?
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I'm not sure what your asking, are you trying to load something from the USB like music or pictures?
there is something in the system can be changed from "host" to "device"
it is somewhere in a hidden menu like when you hold (brightness button + menu + audio power button) together it reveals a secret menu
So are you looking to load software from the USB to the Android OS? How Honda loads updates is from the dash pocket USB port. To get to the diagnosis menu press and hold Home, power, and source for 5 second. Then you'll want to select Detail information and settings. That will get you to the setting menu. To change the OS select version and load. That's for the operating system for the Android. I'm not sure how to load anything else you might want. I would imagine it would need a boot loader written in the software. Be warned though this would void the warranty on the system. Honda had steps for tech to check and submit info before audio display and units can be warrantied out
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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