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I have 2018 1.5t Sport.
and it comes with ONE freakin USB port.

anyone knows anyway to install additional USB ports?
does USB hub work with carplay and USB flash drive and etc?
can I purchase rear console USB ports parts for Elite model and installing in Sport model?

like this
I doubt the system would be able to read data from multiple connections at the same time. If you are trying to use CarPlay and have a USB drive for music why not load the music on memory of the phone (preferably SD card on phone). In theory I think this would work because it's reading from the same source. Example you can use a navigation app (such as Waze) and have Pandora streaming from your phone at the same time in CarPlay.

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The cvt equipped Accord gets one data port, the 6(?) Gear tranny gets 2, the second in the console, and there's no option. A hub won't work, even a powered one. And there's no aux port. Between that and the loss of the CD player, they're trying to drive us all into subscription radio. Horrible!
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