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Used 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid

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Hi! I recently just bought a used 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid with 60,000 miles on it. I decided to buy the extended warranty for 3-years/36,000 and I was wondering if it was worth doing so. The company only offered a warranty of 2 months on it. I am not sure if I should cancel the extended warranty or just keep it. The extended warranty covers any breakdown of the vehicle but does not cover any maintenance service for normal wear and tear like brake pads, oil change, engine tune-up etc.
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I purchased my 2019 new in May 2020, and to date I have around 67,000. I purchased the extended warranty due to the amount I drive, I have not had to use it. Only times I've been at the dealer was for a safety recall and my first oil change. After my first oil change, I've done my own oil changes. I did take it in to get my transmission oil changed as I drive a huge hill most every day (Cajon Pass / 15 freeway in Southern California), I did the early recommend transmission oil change becuase of it (45,000 recommended by the manual, but I did it at around 42,000).

Also, I have always pumped Shell and my gas mileage has been the advertised 48 if not better. I can get 50/51 at the end of the week if I don't drive over 80. Oh! I did get windo repair/replacement warranty and I have had to use it twice, chip repair both times.

I feel if you do the recommended service and stay on top of it, you will never need warranty, but having it does give me piece of mind to the what if... Hope this helps.
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