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Water sloshing sound from dashboard when driving

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Hi there! We just got our new 2018 Accord 2.0 touring a couple of days ago, great car.

Last night though, when driving it without sound system on, we noticed water sloshing sound coming from dashboard area. The sound is only audible when the car is in motion. When the sound system is on, or when we're driving on freeway, the sound is masked. But it's clearly audible when driving slow without sound system on.

Are there others out there noticing the same thing?
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After listening to it further, it actually sounded like two pieces of Styrofoam rubbing against each other. The sound gets louder as vibration intensifies.
Haven't heard of this issue before. Though there have been a few complaints of creaks and noises coming from the dashboard/center console. If its easy to replicate you should consider letting your dealer hear it.
If it sounds like two things rubbing together, maybe the materials inside are too tightly packed? No idea what it could be without hearing it.
I found this fairly long thread that matches my noise: 2.0 Touring Dash Noise - Drive Accord Honda Forums

The sound is horrible when temp gets higher. It sounds like creaking of an old car. From that thread above, it doesn't look like there are any TSB yet, but this issue appears to have been reported January / February this year.

My car only has less than 100 miles and I'm hearing this noise =(
I hope you have a good dealer to take your Accord into because being a new product there will be some growing pains till Honda gets beyond the typical round of new car issues.
I can see why that's bothering you. Little noises like that would drive me crazy, especially on a brand new car. Since it seems to come and go with temperature fluctuations, I assume that means some of the plastic components in the dash aren't situated properly. I would imagine Honda is going to have to disassemble the whole dash.
Worst case scenario (or best) they might be able to buy it back. If not, to recover from potential losses down the road, selling it as soon as something better come along will be a smart move.
I'm taking in my car June 23rd. I'll post back the results here.
I'm taking in my car June 23rd. I'll post back the results here.
Did you ever get that situation? Im having the same issue
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