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Weathertech rain guards

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Does anyone own them? I order the 3m tape ones you find on Amazon, and I'm not too thrilled about how cheap they look. Was thinking about getting weathertech ones that are in-channel, but I haven't heard anything from a 10th gen owner having them. No pictures, no review, no nothing! I'd like to get someone's personal review, opinion, possibly pictures b4 I buy.
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I don't have the WeatherTech window visor's but I do have the OEM ones which use the 3M tape. I haven't had any issues with them and had them installed prior to delivery of my car in 2018. One word of advise I can offer the visors are more for looks than they are function (read thread - Window Visor Warning).
I have a 2018 10th Gen Accord Touring and Yes i own the weathertech floor mats,driver passanger back seat and trunk mats as well as the visor ., it is a bit pricey but i didn’t want to be dissatisfied with ordering something a bit cheaper and not know the quality or fit. I did some research on weathertech and read reviews before my purchase of course .Overall I want to say I spent about $500 and i am completely satisfied., floor mats are perfect fit and have had no issues ., the only thing i think could be better is the visor but overall satisfied with my purchase . As of now nothing has ripped/torn or my foot hasn’t created a indention on driver side from normal driving everyday ., I guess it depends on how much your willing to spend.
I ordered these yesterday will be here Monday update once I get them.
I ordered these yesterday will be here Monday update once I get them.
Awaiting the update. Could you post a picture as well? I'd like to see it on the accord. The website shows other vehicles for some reason.
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Just got home put them on really quick but haven't driven with them yet and it's 106F here right now so car dirty and wasnt trying to spend too much time in the garage......
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So just an update. I found AVS inlet visors. They aren't traditional inlet with clips and still use 3m tape. They look a lot better then the stick on one's and they come with front and rear windows unlike the weathertech. So far I'm liking them. I can post pictures if anyone is interested.
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