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What about the 2018 Accord stands out to you in this Review?

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Redline Reviews did a 30 minute walk around of the 2018 Accord that covers just about everything you need to know that your Honda Sales Rep won't tell you. If there's one video you need to watch before placing your order, this will be in. Depending on who you are, what you know, your experience and what exactly you're looking for... what stands out to you will vary from the next guy, for that reason your feedback might be valuable to someone else (and vice versa).

Of course everyone wants to know my take on it aside from design which I mentioned in a previous thread, the Type-R like torque coming from the 2.0T engine is also what i'm after. It helps that it shares a block with that same Type R engine. Best of all it comes paired to a 10-speed transmission that lets you experience a range of different experiences from this entire powertrain setup. Now I just need to test it for myself in person.

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Even though I'm a huge fan of Sofyan and I love RedLine reviews, I want to share another good Accord's review from the MotorWeek.

Interesting feature with the honda sensors, where you can turn individual sensors off though I can't imagine why you'd need to do that.
Autoblog posted their own video review as well, though I can't embed the video because of the format they use. He does mention a bit of body roll, though it doesn't look that bad to me when he took a corner. Perhaps you feel it more from the inside.

I seriously can't get enough of that sporty interior because its what will really shape the feeling we get while driving these compared to Accords of the past which have been a bit too casual. Sporty bolstering and that steering wheel were some of the best yet simple changes they made for this generation.
The seats are nicely bolstered, though I would like to see a nicer gauge cluster. Maybe what we see in the new Honda Civic with the three sections and digital display.
Who knows maybe we will eventually see a Type R accord or some equivalent. Generations ago they created one for the European market and I believe these days a successor would do well. Acura has failed in many ways leaving room for Honda to do something.
There's a bit of wheelspin when you accelerate and that could be a concern for drivers up north, but at least there's no torque steer.
If that turns out to be a major concern then getting studdable winter tires. They aren't legal everywhere but at the same time what are the odds cops are looking for it.
Most times, the wheels spin because you're accelerating too hard on slick roads when you should start at a crawl. This can be easily remedied by adjusting your own driving habits and getting a better set of tires.
I drove the 1.5T, gotta say it felt like a turd. The 2.0T 6spd is what I wanted right as they dropped but my dealer couldn't get me in one. So I settled for the Civic Si. Has a peppier 1.5T do to the better turbo and camshaft BUT I still wasn't pleased. So I seen they had the 2.0T that they couldn't get and traded my Si after 34 days of ownership. I think we will see somewhere close to 400hp out of these stock 2.0 engines and 450 tq. Can't wait to see what can be done!
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