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What do you use to protect your paint?

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Ive been researching and I am really liking the Car Pro line of products. Being I live in a tropical area, the Sun is brutal here andlots of failed paint jobs everywhere you look. I don't want to bust out a thousand to have a ceramic coating done, and in researching, the Car Pro Line, they have a decent priced DIY ceramic coating that has excellent reviews.

Just curious what everyone else is using and why?
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My Accord goes in to my detailer's shop on 10/1 for full paint correction and CeramicPro


Had my Cadillac ATS-V and my wife's Audi S4 done a month ago and the product is simply amazing. Your paint & clear-coat will stay perfect for the life of the vehicle.
I've spent far too much time doing 2 stage washes and 3 stage waxes, etc. I'm done with all of that...Now I just do the most basic wash and dry and the car looks perfect.
Curious...what can I expect to pay if I get this application?
Well, the pricing is going to vary.

1) it depends on what color your car is. Black typically requires the most work.

2) It depends on what condition your paint/ clear coat is in. The paint must be perfect before the Ceramic coatings can be applied. This means probably a full day of paint correction (cutting and buffing).

Both my ATS-V and S4 are black. They both look absolutely amazing. For the Ceramic Pro gold package, the cost was $2k each. The good news is, the ceramic pro product lasts forever. Ceramic Pro is also entered into a Carfax and will actually increase your car’s resale value. You will never have to wax your car again, so you’ll save money on detailing products.

The up front cost is definitely a hit, but it’s completely worth it when you see the final product. I can post pictures of my ATSV and S4 if you’d like to see the end result?
Yes, please post some pics. My car is lunar silver and is 2 months old.. Thanks
2016 Cadillac ATS-V Sedan
- Full paint correction with Ceramic Pro Gold Package

2018 Audi S4
- Full paint correction with Ceramic Pro Gold Package

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