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What do you use to protect your paint?

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Ive been researching and I am really liking the Car Pro line of products. Being I live in a tropical area, the Sun is brutal here andlots of failed paint jobs everywhere you look. I don't want to bust out a thousand to have a ceramic coating done, and in researching, the Car Pro Line, they have a decent priced DIY ceramic coating that has excellent reviews.

Just curious what everyone else is using and why?
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Im with ya on that account, however time and other things in my life need to get done and I need an option, I can whip out a spray bottle and a microfiber and get it done in a quick ten of 15 and ceramics seem to fit that well! I did try and like the waterless carwash products, but havent heard of them much since ceramics have come out.
Car Pro CQuartz UK 3.0

This is what I'll be installing soon
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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