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so I googled and found a thread on this forum but it's the weirdest thing. It's a 4 page thread and apparently my question is answered on page 2 of that thread, but that page displays as completely blank for me. I see the other 3 pages just fine. I tried in two different browsers, same result.

If anyone can see this post, could you please copy and paste it here?

If no one else can see it, either, can someone explain what putting my 1.5l Accord Sport into "Sport Mode" actually does? It FEELS like it...

- increases engine aggressiveness. Much faster acceleration with less lag.

- tighter steering

- more engine braking (when I click it on, it's as if I applied the brakes lightly)

- and might be my imagination but feels like it accelerates better through the twisties.


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This what you can't see?..

“Sport Mode =

*Stiffened Dampers (Touring Only)
*Modified Shift / Transmission Tables
*Red Interior Lighting
*Integrated Boost Gauge
*Improved Throttle Response / Pedal Mapping
*Stiffer / Heavier Steering (recalibrated electric power steering)

I think that's it“

Also see attachment below from manual... What you are experiencing/feeling is pretty much what it does.


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More information...

From the press release:

"Standard on all Accord trims, Agile Handling Assist selectively uses the vehicle's brakes to improve initial turning response and overall cornering ability. Agile Handling Assist utilizes brake vectoring to improve corner traceability and promote a confident handling feel. By applying braking force to the inside wheels during cornering at high lateral G, the system creates a yaw moment, thus generating more turning force and reducing understeer. Agile Handling Assist further sharpens the Accord’s dynamics when the driving mode system is set to SPORT."

"SPORT mode alters a range of chassis features, including suspension dampers [Touring trim only], steering assist level, Agile Handling Assist, as well as powertrain features, including Drive By Wire, shift mapping (with automatic transmission), and Active Sound Control (ASC)."

So, SPORT mode does the following:

1) Increases the sensitivity of the accelerator pedal, but does not make the engine more powerful (basically, it does the opposite of ECON mode).
2) Shifts at a higher RPM (10AT or CVT only).
3) Firms up the suspension (only on Touring trims with the Adaptive Damper System).
4) Reduces the amount of power steering assist.
5) Increases turning force and reduces understeer by making Agile Handling Assist more aggressive.
6) Turns on the boost gauge (10AT or CVT only).
7) Changes the ambient meter color to red.
8) Allows a gear (10AT) or ratio (CVT) selected by the paddle shifters to hold indefinitely (until the vehicles stops or to prevent engine overspeed if going down a very steep hill).
9) Affects the Active Sound Control**

*This system expands the benefits of Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC) by enhancing the ambience in the cabin throughout the engine’s rpm range. Active Sound Control is a more advanced version of ANC. This technology has the same ability to suppress the low-frequency booming noise that sometimes enters the cabin environment at low engine speeds. Active Sound Control also operates throughout the rest of the engine’s speed range, where it can actually tune the sound heard when accelerating. When set to ECON or Normal mode the system is designed to maintain a smooth and unobtrusive engine sound. When switched to Sport mode the system provides a more aggressive engine note.

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thanks, that's super helpful.

And I'd tell you if that's what I couldn't see if I could, well, see it to tell.


No clue why only that 2nd page wouldn't display for me. That's the universe having fun with me this afternoon.
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