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What maintenance schedule do you follow?

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Hi All,

I've been trying to search forums and sub-reddits regarding the maintenance schedule for the 10th gen Accord.
I understand that the maintenance minder is not a great reference for what we need to service, but also the dealership maintenance suggestions are just a scam to get people to pay for services they may not need.

So do you guys have your own maintenance schedule that you follow?
My 2018 Honda Accord 1.5L with CVT has 38K miles and all I've done so far is oil changes, and tire rotations. In fact, the only maintenance minder that has popped up has been oil changes.
I'm assuming there are some 30K mile maintenance services or inspections you guys have done?

Any help or guidance is appreciated!

T Vicky
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I get all my maintenance done by the dealer. And at 30k there was a trans flush plus other things. I don't remember what. I believe there was a brake fluid and coolant flush in there too.
@T Vicky I follow what the MM says is needed and have it done by dealer. I'm surprised the MM hasn't given you the subcode of 7 suggesting a brake fluid change by now on your car. Mine came on at three years for it to be changed.
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I didn't get a Code for Brake Fluid Either , but just did It at little Past 3 years , but most new Vehicles - I crack open Bleeders Let 1-2 Pumps out
just to see If there is any " Debris " Color change etc. Flushing out Caliper .. EARLY On

Always Clean & Paint Hubs & Calipers - just use to do this in North ./.

Seeing Honda Lot Guy was Power Washing Cars with some Harsh Chem's like Cleaners ( Good thing I had looked into Doing Paint Again ) as Hubs were Rusty ./.

First Oil Filter come Off Early on New Motor do to Honing & Rings taking a Seat .. weather it be 1000 miles or 5000 miles or 10,000 miles . .
Depending on One Driving - Church or Up in Mountains : Still taking Oil Filter Off around 2K . .

I do take Note If the MM is Telling Me something ! ( I Don't all ready have Done in My Log Book )

I have Not seen anyone Here - Whom have more Miles then I - Change or Talk about Changing Transmission Filter ./.
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My 2020 accord 1.5T gave me the code for brake fluid at exactly 2 years, seems Honda recommends to change it based on time only. Dealer recommended engine and cabin air filter at 15k but I just changed those out myself for $30. I've been doing my oil changes every 5k just being wary of the oil dilution problems. So far nothing else has come up. The manual says something about getting a transmission fluid change every 25k if you live in a hilly area but nothing other than that.
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For oil changes I just let the car tell me.

I’ll let the oil drain while rotating the tires.

some shops charge minimal do it with your own oil and filter. That saves a trip to recycling it because I don’t have an oil heater. To wash his own.

I run a 100% synthetic from AmericanSyntheticOil.com
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Sorry about My Photo-bucket Link , It just Gets Me I've been on that Site Since Very Beginning , have 2 Gigs of Photo's over there etc.
Viewed by over 30K even Advertised for them , then they went Money Hungry & Displease many Folks with Only Allowing Low Grade Photo's to be
Down Loaded , so I can't even get back My Originals , I mean windows 95 ~ On I didn't have Greatest - Back Up Plan on My Computers back then ..

I Push it some as My Miles are Mostly ( Grand Father Miles ) LOL Braahaaa 7500 miles & Filters Rated for 15k-20k ./. ( some Times I'll push Filter 2x ) To 14,000 .

But I also do a Rinse Out with Marvel ( Few Ounces of Marvel Oil ) 2-3 OZ approx 50-100 miles before Drain out .. Filter Has to be Changed then as it's Full of Carbon ./.

I've done as Far back 1993 have Noted Deep Color Change in Rinse Out Oil & How much Longer new Oil Retains it's Freshness & Longevity with NO Oil Use Apparent on
Any of those Engines ( Hard Miles on Old Rides ) ( Believe Me I'm Watching like a Hawk - 135K before Trading in On New Ride .. )
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Not Many saying much about Their ~ ATF - Change Out ./. on 10X Transmission

Been Checking Stock on ATF Fluid 2 Honda Dealers are all 100% OUT of STOCK !


Honda is Issues New Part Number ? 08200-9017 moving from 08200-9015A

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Get a copy of the owner's manual. It has everything you need to know about your car's maintenance. for your climate and geographic region

You can purchase a physical copy from Honda or search the internet and download a digital copy
I think if I remember correctly the dealer told me every 30k for a trans flush. Didn't mention a filter. They gave me a copy of the maintenance schedule, but it wasn't very informative. I'll take a picture later tonight when I get off of work.

I asked them about spark plugs and if my memory serves me right he said 80k which seemed kinda high to me. But there was no mention of the spark plugs on this schedule they gave me.

I usually just let them do what they want. I go in for an oil change then there's a bunch of crap that they want done. I tell em have add it but provide proof. They usually send me a video of the things they do. I'm at 42k right now and I go in every 5k regardless of if there's a maintenance minder or not.
There are copies of the MM Codes & Sub Codes attached to this thread/post.

Information regarding 10 speed automatic transmission fluid change can be found in this post.
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There are copies of the MM Codes & Sub Codes attached to this thread/post.

Information regarding 10 speed automatic transmission fluid change can be found in this post.
Well, that's the schedule they gave me. No need for picture.
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