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What warranty work have you taken your car in for?

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I have a 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring in Platinum White. If it wasn't for this accord forum, I would have accepted all the issues I have found. Please share what new issues have been repaired under the warranty, this may help new owners like me who didn't know it should be taken it and fixed. Here is a list of issues so far;

1) HUD crackling; typically occurs during hot temp (>83 degrees) - fixed by adding second foam insulator
2) Driver and Passenger door not aligned; basically I have to apply a decent amount of force to shut the door - fix was realigning the door (after 2 failed attempts of adjusting the striker plate)
3) Front dash is porous; rough to the touch - fix replace the dash
4) Passenger seat belt ringing - they didn't fix this issues, taking it back for a second attempt.
A) Steering Wheel replaced, they said they damaged it or found damage. So dealership replaced it without me telling them too.

I am taking my car in this week for additional issues I've noticed or they didn't fix it the first time;
4 again) Passenger seat belt assembly rattling (ringing like)
5) Rear passenger seat belt assembly rattling (ringing like)
6) Rear deck speaker panel rattling

Let me know what other issues you have noticed and is covered by warranty. Feel free to ask me any questions.
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7) Front Chrome uni-brow is not secured to the grill.

I also noticed an air gap between the headlight to bumper, I checked a couple Accords (sport and touring model) at the dealership, this is not a flaw.
Small ding on right rear wheel arch that I missed on delivery.

You can't see or feel the repair even though I know where it was.
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