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Wheel Spacer setups with lower ride height

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Looking to install spacers on my 21' Accord Sport 2.0T that is currently dropped about 2 inches all around on the D2 Racing Springs. I have H&R Hubcentric 25mm in the rear that work fine but 25mm would definitely be way too large for the front without serious rubbing when the wheel is turned.

I am hoping to find an option that gets me more flush looking in the front without having to get the fenders rolled and was wondering what everyone else in my situation was running.

So my question is: Is anyone else also 2 inches lower or more than stock ride height and running wheels spacers? If so, what size spacers are you running in the front?
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I realize that this post is 2 months old, but I'm needing similar information. I currently have 25mm wheel spacers all the way around. It looks great, but now I'm trying to figure out how low I can go to get rid of the gap between the tires and the fenders without rubbing.
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