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Who has an orange peel finish?

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Although there is a nice shiny clear coat, its not smooth and think its time to wet sand, compound, and polish. Anyone consider doing this to theirs yet?
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I didn’t have much actual peel to fix, but I did a paint correction and polished all the panels as soon as I got it home. There were some issues and imperfections, but it’s expected for a factory mass production paint job. It came out beautifully, and i found all of the imperfections in the first 100 miles or so. I used meguiars 205 to polish it out with a light cut pad, then menzerna powerlock and colinite 845.


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I would NOT wet sand this clear coat, it is very thin already. Automotive finishes today are not the same as they were decades ago. Now both color coat and clear coat are only about 70 microns in TOTAL thickness. Technology has improved to the point where a color and clear coat are micro thin but appear to have a foot of gloss. orange peel is common on all but the "premium" finishes on expensive automobiles nowadays. You could very well "bite off" more than you want to if you sand thru to the color coat.
Excerpt on repairs & paint thickness:
Prior to tackling any blemishes, it is vital to take multiple readings of the paint thickness using a paint depth guage. This allows you to determine the combined thickness of primer, paint and clear coat and, using a rough guide as to the general thicknesses of these individual layers you will be able to ascertain how much clear coat is available to make the correction.
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Unless its substantial I'd suggest holding off on that too. Have you just tried a proper wax/buff?
I did a 3 stage correction and finished with ceramic on top.
I took it to a few shops for their advice and since its my daily driver, think I am just gonna prep and install ceramic coating on it. the UV rays here are a beast in Hawaii and I park in an industrial area everyday where I work so need the protection if Im gonna make the paint last.
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