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After a search, For us neophytes: You might want to buy an after-market downpipe if:

The exhaust piping leading in and out of your turbocharger contains numerous bends. Some vehicles – like large turb0-diesel trucks – have enough room in the engine bay for fairly straight exhaust tubing. Smaller vehicles can have a lot less room in the engine bay and therefore more pipe bends.

You’ve modified your turbo to run at a higher boost pressure. Some turbocharged vehicles come with a well-designed turbo exhaust system, and in these cases there is very little to gain by adding a new downpipe. However, if you increase the amount of boost on the stock turbo, you may find the increased exhaust gas output demands a larger, smoother down-pipe

The after-market downpipe is proven to improve performance. Most after-market downpipes are both mandrel-bend and larger in diameter than the stock units they replace. Therefore, they can significantly reduce restrictions and make fairly dramatic improvements in horsepower.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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