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Wider tires

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Currently have about 34k miles on the factory Goodyear eagle tires and they are not good. Even from day 1. Thinking about running 245/40/19 Firestone Indy 500 or 265/35/19 Firestone Indy 500 ( I work for Firestone so I get a good deal on firestones ). Not gonna run in the winter, I have blizzaks on winter wheels for next winter. I just want more traction, has anyone ran wider tires on stock wheels??

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If you plan on running a 265 tire, I would have to agree w/ some of you guys above me. I would not advise running the 265 on a 8.5 wide wheel. Im running a 9.5 wide wheel and have 245. It has a very slight stretch. 255 would probably work better on a 9.5 and sit nice and flush with the face of a wheel. Good luck!
@_wrenchlife I love working as a tech. Some tires aren't even that bad that some customers take off and just, dont want anymore
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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