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Window visor warning

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For 2018 models do not waste your money on the window visors.

The rear windows roll down in a manner that immediately creates a vertical gap at the back edge of the window. That renders the visor useless since any unexpected rain can/will enter through that gap just as it would through the horizontal gap at the top of a window without the visor.

The front visor has a minor flare near the front that takes a couple of mm off the edge and causes it to open to the elements sooner. When the window is up far enough to avoid any rain entry the opening at the top is about half what it was on my last vehicle using WeatherTech visors.

WeatherTech sells front sets separately so when they finally come out they will be much less expensive.
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I too noticed that first time I rolled the windows down... sucks, but it is what it is now since these were installed prior to pick up. My windows are tinted and I did purchase the WeatherTech windshield screen so hoping these will keep the inside cooler when sitting outside.
Will be interesting to see what these look like if someone takes them up on their offer - any Socal owner interested in getting set of free window visor rain guards?
Yeah it looks like some shops have already picked up on the fact that the factory visors aren't going to cut it. Luckily for those who haven't purchased yet, they'll have some alternatives to choose from.
As I see it the only way for them to work is bringing the visor down the "C" post so the rear part of the window that is unprotected would be protected... only problem w/that is the would only be useful when the car was sitting still. If the car is moving I would think wind would blow water (under the visor) to the rear of window and allow it to enter the vehicle. Not an engineer by any means and may be over thinking this but w/the design of the window (how it opens) it's going to be difficult to design something that can be used when car is in motion. :sad:
I always hated how they look, just sticks out like a sore thumb. Even side vent visors can be a problem for me. Although I won't mind to see something from Mugen like what they did for past Civic generations.
That's why some like vanilla and some like chocolate :smile_big:.... myself I like the look... as much as they are now more for looks than function I still like the "custom" look they give the vehicle.
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Hmmm...I just installed some Wade in channel deflectors on my windows mainly for me to crack my drivers window when vaping. They go all the way down to the mirrors so any premature crack that occurs when rolling down the window an inch or towo shouldn’t allow any moisture in. The rear windows always stay up so I’m not really worried about them.
Those are nice, and I see what you are saying regarding the fit of the front window(s) at the mirror(s)...
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Great information. I actually remember the metal ones they used to install, and of course the plastic ones you see on so many vehicles. It's funny, as kids we called them smoker visors, because smokers would install, so they could crack their window and smoke, while raining. :LOL::ROFLMAO::cool:
Remember those and the reason for them well. 😁
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they do look nicer than most.... would you mind pointing me to where you got 'em from, please?
I don't have those... I was responding to the post I had quoted of someone who had purchased them. Those are Wade In Channel Wind Deflectors and can be purchased directly from manufacturer.
gotchu bro! much obliged
You're welcome.
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