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Djindoe... are you going to try and do anything about it? It’s a huge distraction and safety concern. I think we should all start contacting Honda corporate. They need to do something about this if more people start bringing it up.
I'll bring it up next time I stop by the dealership. I'm friends with the sales manager at the one near my house so I pop in from time to time. I highly doubt they'll do anything about it though. It's annoying but it doesn't distract me that much now that I know it's an issue and not my eyes playing tricks on me.

@djindoe just noticed you have a 2019 Sport with an October 2019 build date. When did they start the 2020 builds? I saw 2020’s in early November at dealers.
Mine is a MY 2020. Sorry, I should've clarified that in my post. So 2020s seem to also be affected.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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