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I have a very strange situation. I figure I would make a post incase anyones Accord is doing the same thing as mine. But i have a Touring 2.0 10 speed and the day i took it home (purchased new with 7 miles on the odometer, currently has 820 miles) and i noticed bubbles at both corners at the top of the windshield. I didn't really think anything of it. But a few weeks into ownership i get a call from my dealer saying that my plates are in, along with all my paperwork. While i was there i figure i talk to the service advisor and show pictures, and she recommends i make an appointment to get it looked at. Which i did.

The following week i bring the car in and they send it out to a local glass repair facility and they tested it for leaks, which it wasn't. Then later in the day i get a call from my service advisor saying the car is done and ready to be picked up. I go in to pick up the car and my service advisor tells me that the windshield needs to be replaced. I was pretty caught off guard, but she told me they had to take a bunch of pictures and submit a request to Corporate Honda. A week goes by and i get a call from my service advisor who tells me that honda corporate has approved the replacement and the windshield is put on order. Another week goes by and i get a call saying that the windshield is here, so i make an appointment for the end of the week.

I dropped the car off and they gave me a 2018 CRV with the 1.5 turbo and the CVT. This made me glad i got the 2.0 with the 10 speed. I never liked CVTs because of how they feel when you drive. I had it for two days and lets just say i was real excited when i got the call that my car was ready for pick up. I feel like that 1.5 with the CVT was literally sucking the life out of me when i was driving it lol.

But anywhos, i would recommend everyone to check your windshield and see if you have bubbles in the corners because it WILL spread and get worse. Potentially leak as well. I am leasing this car so i didn't want to be responsible if something were to happen.

I appologize if the pictures come out in the wrong orientation. I'm on a phone typing this post.


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