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Winter tires / rims

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Does anyone know if the previous gen Accord 215/55/R17 rim will work on this vehicle as an option for snow tires?

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Update: my Honda dealer is 99% positive that this will work since the 2018 Accord LX uses 17" rims with a similar tire size and says that 17" rims should work on the Sport. I guess the actual hub and brakes aren't significantly different (if at all) between the Sport and LX.
Where did you get the tire size? In the manual the two sizes are shown below. I was buying a 225/55R17 which seemed closer in size to the 19" Sport rim. Your 215/55R17 tire is virtually identical in diameter to the 19. Giving up almost an inch in width but you want a narrower tire in the winter.

Note - the indicated tire pressures are for high speed driving.

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I bought the tires and rims second hand off the former owner of a 9th Gen Accord. I don't know what trim he drove, but he steel wheels are OEM Honda which was the winter look that I was going for rather than after-market alloys or black steelies. Hopefully they fit.

ALSO, does anyone know where to get a decent replica center cap? I don't want to pay $50 per for genuine Honda caps only to go on my winter rims at the same time I dont want to waste my money on cheap ass ones that will break when I try to install.
Hey Ilee85, did the 215 55 17 worked for you? I'm planning to go for the same tires.
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