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Wireless Phone Charger

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Hello all first post here. My Touring is about 5 months old and really like it My first Honda.

Currently don't own a phone to use the charger. Plan to het a new phone after the holidays and want to utilize this feature. Based on any information I can find and dicussions with the dealer the green power light should never come on if I am not using the feature. Even if I use it amd then the phone is charged and I power it off so the green light goes out I am understanding that it should not turn on when the car is started. If you want to use, you must power it on manually.

Mine is quite often but not every time a cold start and sporadically a warm start the green light is turning on. Does this happen to anyone else? Does the green light come on when the car is started or never on and only if you manually turn on.

Any input is appreciated as the dealer is also very unsure ..

Thanks in advance for checking your vehicle and responding!
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1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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