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Would Honda Warranty Cover This or Can I Buy The OEM Button?

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First of all, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong thread section. I'm new here, but thrilled to be a part of the community!

I just purchased a 2022 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T (for a ridiculous price) and less then 200 miles/5 days in, I noticed the paint is already coming off my steering wheel's button? Some of you will think i'm just overreacting, but I am OCPD (working on it) and did just buy a new car that I handle very cautiously. The dealership is already going to be fixing part of my center console trim because it came much more noticeably chipped.

Do you think Honda's warranty will cover replacing this button or would that require replacing the entire steering wheel? I assume the button presumably even just pops off and can be replaced, so i'd be okay replacing it myself if they wouldn't cover it. I just don't know where to find an OEM new button replacement? I can only find cheap plastic Ebay covers.

I'll be sure to leave some photos below. Again, i'm sure some of you will just roll your eyes at the minuscule damage, but please be understanding of my situation.


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My dealership is probably going to hate me and think i'm an unrealistic toolbag, but i'll run that by them when they come to my house next Thursday to repair the console trim damage, thank you. I appreciate you trying to find the button for me, I also found this:

Which I think is a newer version of it? Looks like a singular button probably doesn't exist that is OEM. Figured i'd share the link just incase anyone on the forms is looking for it.
@Dylberts did you get this resolved?
I am in the process. It was covered under warranty, however they sent someone out to mickey mouse paint job it instead. Looks worse than before, so i'm hoping they'll just send me the oem part to install myself...

If this thread was required to be closed or something I apologize for not doing so.
Please insist that they replace it.

I bought my 2019 as CPO. It appeared to have been in a very minor incident that misaligned the bumper. They agreed to fix the bumper as part of the sale agreement. It took them over 2 months and several trips before the agreed to simply replace it and even after replacing it the repair shop didn't correct the alignment.

I hounded them until it was done properly
I was told by the contracted painter that 9/10 the dealership will cause further damage. Since it's just the button should I do it myself? I know if anything happens, it's on me and can't be fixed, but it seems easier than going back 5-6 more times to repair new damages they do...

I had the same issue with my honda motorcycle. They broke my housing (pried it off with brute force) and tried telling me it was an oem defect and not their fault, so I fought them to ship me the part and fixed the problem myself carefully.

Called the dealership to follow up, they're playing games and not sure if they're going to fix it now. They also said that if it is covered they'll have to do the repair, ie i'm not allowed to do it myself. They will be giving me a call back (which means i'll have to call them — they never call back or reply to my emails) and just hope they don't break any of the steering wheel's clips or scratch it.
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