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That's Great ~ Stuff ~ Love Music !

Well Done

We always use to have the Discussion of weather to Install on a Cold Day , or Warm Day

Install Cold Bar into Hot Bay , or Install Hot Bar Into a Cold Engine bay . . Etc..

What We found for Road Cars was to have a slightly Warm Bay and have Summer Temp Bar say 75-80 Degrees . .

Or in Auto's in garage @ 60 Degree's Bar from Warm House -72-75 Degrees for Fall Winter Install ..

Race set up Solid Bar Hot - installed in Cold Bay for Inward Tension . .

This Set Up has Bolts that would be Tq. to Spec's to Allow Proper Tension , BUT NOT TOO Much Tension as in Race Set Up ..
I Mean to say Body Putty & Spot Welds are able to Only take so much . . (y):)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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