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Hello everyone! Sorry for the delayed response, so this spoiler is from eBay. They come painted in either black or white, I ended up sanding mine down, priming in, and then painting 3 coats of Modern Steel Metallic and 4 clear coats. If you have a black or white Accord, you are set! They already have your color, but for anyone else, I would recommend finding some paint-matched paint, or taking it to a shop. The paint I got came with a primer, base coat, and clear coat in aerosol cans with a 95% paint match for about $50 on eBay, happy to link that here as well. Honestly, I would recommend taking it to a shop though, as the quotes I received were anywhere from $100-150 which isn't too bad in my opinion!

The spoiler itself goes for $70-85 depending on the supplier and often times includes free shipping. The one linked below is $77.50 with free shipping!

The link for the spoiler is here: For 2018-2020 Honda Accord Painted Glossy Black Trunk Spoiler Wing 18 19 20 | eBay

This link is to a black one, but if you have a white Accord, searching something along the lines of "2018 Accord spoiler" on eBay will find it for you!

Overall, easy install. Once it was painted, I let it cure for a few hours and then lined the back in some generic 3M adhesive that I got from AutoZone for about $5. Zero issues with it staying on or anything.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions! Take care everyone, and Merry Christmas :)

Sorry to bug you again masonrockett,
I'm ready to buy my spoiler and I'm finding that most of these aftermarket spoilers will not cover the factory spoiler mounting holes. In other words when you remove the factory spoiler there will be holes on top of the trunk lid and the new spoiler will not overlap and cover the holes. The link you posted specifically says it will not cover the factory holes. I've seen people mount these after market spoilers with the factory spoiler still in place. Not the way I want to go. The angle of your picture doesn't really show what you did. Is the spoiler you have covering the factory holes? If so can you tell me where you bought yours from?

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